Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Unnamed Writing Exercise 001

The Devil may do what the Devil may care, but the Angels of our better nature will care more. What is it to be bound, to be held, motionless, imprisoned. Powerlessness, weakness, ineptitude, ennui. There is an anger burning bright amongst the wronged and the righted. Amongst those that have suffered a great punishment, branded by their victim-hood. 

This Devil-in-Chains , Scion of the Oppressed and Imprisoned, stands in the darkest, deepest pit. It hears the muffled cries and pleas through unending tears. All that rattle the hope of vindication and revenge stoke its fire.

A spirit of revenge, a spirit of anger and impatience. an immature spirit which harbors the potential for continuous strife. A seed for another link in the nigh unending chain of revenge.Those chains it is wrapped in are the one's it chooses to wear.


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