Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Day at the Office - Chapter 2

The pattern on this set of cubicles irritated, stimulating the eyes and visual brain center, but at low enough intensity as not to distract from the computers they corralled. The color, however, was a shade somewhere between pastel yellow and egg-shell white. It was not the stark white or black of oppressive bureaucracy, nor the safe beige, brown, or grey of a conservative, but humane, institution. It did not recognize one's desire to be outdoors in fresh currents by mimicking the colors of natural environments in homage. Rather, it made reference to the sun and summer flowers too prudent to attract the attention of their violet, indigo, and chartreuse cousins. A reference brazenly flaunted and disgraced simultaneously as instead of the sun it is like the rotting bones of some sick animal so large the fleas had yet to realize was in its death throws. This was the truth that Hu saw as ...



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