Saturday, November 10, 2007


That was it, the time had come. We marched to the crown of the hill, vantage point for miles around on this plain, and looked North. The message, I was sure from Mbeke, referenced the five of Cups.
Emotional loss, distress, brake in relationship.
The cargo jets were heading East towards Mumbi. My worst fears weren't close. They weren't on the same map. The cryptic message, I feared, meant betrayal and so we prepared for an ambush. Less then five miles to a place I considered sanctuary, hospitable, even loving but we were not to find that. The Sudanese cargo planes flew over the city and, just as in Darfur, their rear ramps opened and out rolled death onto the helpless civilians below.
The SAM missile launchers were setup in record time and my heart beat against the wall of my chest. We would save the city from a second round and have some taste of vengeance.

© Michael Mosher


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