Tuesday, November 22, 2011

American Gospel: Barabbas

Thirteen generations after Abraham the Loyal was born and ruled King David the Wise. Thirteen generations after him King Josiah the Brave who died in battle against barbarians. These barbarians, dogs of Babylon, left Jeconiah the eldest son, to become king. Another legacy that Jeconiah would become the steward of was the wife and children of his younger brother, Coniah, the handsome, brash, and battle tested teenaged boy. During the Defense of Jerusalem, Coniah broke ranks to get within hurling range of barbarian's leadership. Josiah maneuvered to support Coniah, but was out flanked, receiving four spears to the side and back. Coniah was able to bring much suffering to the fools who thought Jerusalem was a mere crumb to plucked from Nebuchadnezzar II's beard. Their victory was Pyrrhic, long before such a term would be coined. But Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babylon and Medea, Conqueror of Assyria, Liege-Lord of Tyre, would come himself the next spring, stealing away the upper class to have their descendents assimilated into the Babylonian culture.

With them came Deidre, daughter of merchants sailing from a rocky land that jutted out into the western ocean where there is no known end. Her merchant ship sailed into the sea of Middle Earth bringing tin to trade for purple dies and other valuables. That ship was lost to waves and wind, but Deidre came to the shores of Iudea where Coniah found her and cared for her. Her beauty was exotic and her demeanor accepting, even enlivened, by Coniah's. Brittania Mare Nostrum Aegyptus, Dacia (Romania), Hibernia (Ireland), Illyricum (W. Balkans), Hispania, Sarmatia (Russia), Iudea (Judea), Londinum, Bithynia et Pontus (Barabbas in exile)Link


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