Sunday, November 27, 2011

American Gospel: Washington

George Washington walking through western Appalachia, whimsical, seeing all the angles, points, and lines that make the topology. Surveyor's wet dream. On military mission to stop French strike team led by d'Artaine where he meets Paul Bunyan, a simple-minded giant who often quotes his friend, Ben, the Lightning Rider. Paul's well-placed ax strikes land epic sized trees on the French, winning the battle.
After the war, and losing his opportunity to become a lieutenant in the British army, G.W. is getting wasted in a pub where he meets a traveling itinerant musician, John. After having congress with East Indians and Chinamen, John plays a pagan guitar and flute and has a rich, passionate love for the world. However, John has stopped playing, his digereedo a makeshift May Pole for the village, as his love and music partner, Suzanna, has left ...for Louisianna with banjo on her knee. His penchant for all things apple gets him in trouble.


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