Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Cloud Mine (Samantha)

A fog of pain and pleasure. A desire for belonging, family acceptance. "If they knew I was the best they would have to accept me." Desperate ranking substituting respect. A door opens, or was it always open, letting in light and smoke.
"How's Sam?" the voice cuts through the darkness followed by a strong hand caressing her bare curves. "You wandered off. We missed you."
The world fades to deafening white.
We exchange something we have for something we want more. If it is your free choice could this ever be wrong? Are there choices you can't come back from?
The car had a rind of frost, like a barrier. The cold of the seat, stirring wheel, was sobering. Sam felt the brutal contrast, still smiling, but there was an immeasurable distance from this world and the one she just left.


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