Tuesday, December 26, 2006


Those days were so long ago, in the imprisonment of poverty. Looking through the writings it was clear the length of the journey.

"Your my father, I'm Kendra." I've done all of this for you. So that one day I could be someone who you would want as your father.

Jesus had returned. We didn't know it then but HE was in the flesh again. As previously the form taken was amongst the downtrodden. Unfortunately the message was never delivered, for HE was martyred before uttering it. The child God lay in the womb of a thirteen year old Floridian. Being an orphan she was a ward of the state. Though there was a brief debate over final decision of the pregnancy, it was determined that the girl's wish to abort was final.

Having love of the simple folk will bring political victory. Attaining love of the masses is gotten from giving them security in trade for allegiance. We will be identified by a uniform, a symbol of allegiance, and Security personnel will patrol the streets offering an eye and an ear. If one feels unsafe and desires an escort that can be requested. Fights will not be stopped but when clearly someone is being victimized there will be intervention. It won't be our desire to enforce the law, it will be, though, to prevent theft, rape and assault. People watching residential streets, day and night, will reduce crime. Thoroughfares can be watched during the night, during the day it is busy by definition.

This group will foster its identity from the symbols and dress that is uniform. Most volunteers will merely replicate these by assisting in creating banners, flags and uniforms. It will all be multiplied by...

© Michael Mosher 2006

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