Sunday, October 21, 2012

In Need of a Plot

So...National Writing Month in the United States in November, very soon. All coincidental, however, as the muse has struck, but maybe encouragement to keep a pace that may propel this work to its endgame. In the past I've gotten lost in my work, not seeing were things are going, so not knowing what I should be developing, overwhelmed by the possibilities. With that said, I know what I need to address, though I can't say that in my current idea that I've solved that problem. Again, an excellent premise, at least in my mind, and an excitement to write and create. My premise has personal drama; a group of underclass heroes, with slightly more privileged as contrast, and a very dramatic context for metaplot. It will have revelations, being speculative fiction on the "harder" side of the genre, and mystery and paranoia conspiracy-style. So of course there will be a surprise twist somewhere between two-thirds and three-quarters through, and it doesn't have to be subtle, and would need to be significant after everything leading to it. But then the ending won't need to resolve the metaplot, maybe not even have a large impact on it, instead have a personal conclusion leaving the context as this larger-than-an-individual thing, right?