Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Knowable Unknowns: Chapter 1

"No hostile activity detected. Can you confirm, Eagle's Nest?"
You glance at your communications specialist to see if anything changed since the smoke cleared from the aerial drone strike. "Visuals show direct hit. IR doesn't contradict." Another screen. "No signal communication for the last thirty minutes."
While waiting for the smoke to clear any survives have had time to put IDEs in place. Even if the mapping from the cockroach drone is accurate, the maze of signal dampening natural rock which makes up this bunker is going to be dangerous. You aren't going to skip any step that will let these boys get hurt.
"Hercules One this is Eagle's Nest. We confirm no hostiles are active within range. Get me an ATD in Hades."
An automated tracked drone, ATD, looks a lot like the robot in the movie, Five Alive. Though capable of climbing varied terrain, in this instance with crater depressions and rubble inclines it is most efficient to give it a handicapped start halfway into the opening.