Friday, July 27, 2012

Re: Dinner Party

On Jul 26, 2012 1:26 PM, "Michael Play" <> wrote:

"What do you think, Amanda?"
Why what I think, thought Amanda, but didn't ask. She knew the answer. As the one to have the most interaction with the weird guy this evening it seemed  reasonable that she should be the representative for the rest and go with him, a veritable diplomat for planet Earth. It was more than that, though, it wasn't like she invited him, they just met and she didn't even remember his name.
He said that he has a detail oriented mind and therefore it shouldn't be thought he was obsessing over Samantha merely because he had voiced observing her copy of Anna Kerrina in her purse during a conversation on philosophy generally, Existentialism specifically. "I'm too lazy to be a stalker." Weird Guy said earlier. Who says that!
He wouldn't eat mashed potatoes, glazed carrots, nor drink wine due to some diet. He had sesame green beans, butterfly-steak, without barbeque sauce, and salad the hostess, Genevieve, made specifically for him. Amanda recalled the conversations they had not unpleasantly, but they were work. He didn't have an exotic accent, but pronounced certain words like a foreigner and needed to explain himself regularly. The same with his odd use of words. For example, he was arguing that professionalism is "the intercourse of aptitude and social status," which was quickly followed by giggling and one of the Johns saying, "I need more 'professionalism'  in my life." The same happened when he complimented Genevieve on "this wonderful affair." Even calling her Genevieve instead of Jen like everyone else made him the Weird Guy of the evening.